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The impact on the enviroment

TERMIZO a.s. had had a positive attitude from the very beginning of preparations to the finish of incineration construction, and puts great emphasis on the compliance of operation with all regulations connected with environment. In addition it was important that the incineration plant filled the criteria of the European Union. For this reason the contractor was picked – Consortium company Von Roll (Switzerland) and Skoda TS a.s. Plzeň. These two companies guaranteed the fulfillment of the criteria. Switzerland is considered to be in all aspects of environmental protection one of the most developed states in the world.

To reach an ecological way of disposing waste it is important to choose steps and priorities:

  • The minimization of the existence of waste using the proper legal steps.
  • The sorting of waste at the originator.
  • The recycling of usable raw material, it includes composting of biological waste.
  • Energetic usage of suited waste as fuel for burning in modern incinerator plants.
  • Usage of hard remnant materials after burning for eg. in the building industry.
  • The storage of technical waste, which can’t be used in any other way.


In this scheme energetic usage of municipal waste of course finds its place, and this also means the technology of the incinerator. The final technology was chosen in the year 1991 by representatives of cities and regions of Liberec and Jablonec nad Nisou for its own waste management system.

The modern concept of the incinerator in Liberec uses certified steps in the treatment of waste gases and technological sewage and so it is matter of course that it should meet all current Czech and equivalent European limits for released pollutant compounds.

The facility now works reliably on full steam, this means it uses up energy from 96 000 tons of communal waste yearly, from which it produces heating energy and secures the needs of 13 000 households and supplies 3 000 households with electrical energy in the region of Liberec.

It is possible to say, that the modern incinerators for municipal waste have their’s own irreplaceable room in the waste economy of a mature state. To stop the rise of waste above all is a definite necessity for example the cultivation of material that is less demanding for production and using a consequential recycling product. This procedure is however very time consuming and expensive. Doubtless every body’s behavior is also important, the effort to sort personally produced waste and consideration towards nature can be of great help.

There is no doubt that an arrangement which is able to use 96 000 tons of problematic and difficult to cultivate municipal waste, and which only produces 1.5% of dangerous solid waste (in addition in the form of a less dangerous input waste) can be very useful. The process of energetic waste usage puts out yearly heating energy for 13 000 households, electric energy for 3 000 households in the region of Liberec alone, namely at a high working standard, even during consistent observance of the emission level to the atmosphere, waters and solid product. The municipal waste incinerator of Liberec TERMIZO was designed to fill all regulations and today is topping requirements integrated by the environmental antipollution measures.

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