Člen skupiny MVV Energie CZ, Zodpovědná energie

General Technical Information

Amount of waste taken in 96 000 tons/ year
Reduction of waste Weighed at 1/3, by volume 1/10
Operation time 8 000 hours/ year


Heat out-put:

Heat discharge into the central system supply of heat in Liberec 38,3 MW
Presumed supply and sale of heat 700 000 GJ / year
Steam parameters(vapor) 10 bar / 2300 °C


Production of electrical energy:

Electrical discharge back-pressure turbine 3,5 MW + 1 MW
Discharge of electric energy supplied into an electrical current 2 – 3 MW
Presumed supply and sale of electrical energy 13 000 MWh / year
This gives rise to the reduction of oil
used by the heat station in Liberec, a.s.
Approx 20 000 t / year


Incinerator project author and
technical supervisor and investor:
E.I.C., spol. s r. o.
Producer of the Incinerator: consortium
Škoda TS a.s. Plzeň and
Von Roll
Investor and operator of the Incinerator: Termizo, a.s.


The plant fills all regulations in relationship to the environmental specifications in the Czech Republic and the EU and complies with modern European trends in waste disposal.

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